Cosmic Guidance with James - 1:1 Coaching Call (60 min)

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Jump on a call with James to talk about any challenge you are facing in life, and I will use my experiences, connections, and knowledge to help you come up with direct solutions to your problem.

Our call will be around 60 minutes, and I will do my absolute best to serve you.

Areas where I can help:

  • preparing for your first psychedelic trip
  • integrating after a trip
  • how to best apply the 'homework' from a trip
  • what to do after a bad trip / integrating a difficult experience
  • connections and recommendations re: Ayahausca

And also, non-psychedelic advice around:

  • mindset, purpose, and clarity
  • overcoming depression (something I'm familiar with myself)
  • finding your way back to the light / finding faith & purpose
  • personal growth, consciousness, and spirit
  • building a strong social circle / tribe in your life
  • raising your standards
  • setting clear boundaries with others and with Life itself
  • improving your relationship with Life
  • finding and maintaining a deep connection with God
  • staying present in every moment
  • navigating life's challenges while staying in your center

Book a 1:1 call with James »

After booking the call you'll receive:

  • a Calendly link to pick the date & time of our call
  • a Google Form where you can let me know in more detail what you'd like to work on in the call (this helps me prepare for our call)
  • direct access to me via email

Looking forward to helping you ❤️

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60 min Zoom call with James, 1:1 support and guidance

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Cosmic Guidance with James - 1:1 Coaching Call (60 min)

2 ratings
I want this!