Spirit Vibes Circle — Weekly Group Calls to Dive Into Reality Creation and Personal Growth

Join me every week for a transformational group call to dive into reality creation, spirituality, the nature of reality, overcoming personal growth challenges, and navigating the waves of life.

Every Saturday, we'll have a group call on Zoom. We'll dive into the theme of the week (previous themes include manifestation, creating wealth, intuition, understanding ego, and more), as well as open up the call to any requests for coaching or support.

Prepare to be transformed by the connections you make and the insights you discover on these calls!

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How the Spirit Vibes Circle Started

For the past few months, I've been doing weekly in-person gatherings in Bali, where I bring spiritual souls together to talk about personal growth, spirituality, and reality creation.

These circles have been transformative for myself and others. When a group of people who are on a similar frequency come together with intention, magic happens. Connections, ideas, and solutions flow between all the members.

I want to create the same experience for those who are not able to attend the in-person gatherings. And so, the Spirit Vibes Circle comes online!

This is a going to be a very intentional gathering, for a select group of people that want to show up and work on themselves and go deep into their spiritual journey. That being said, it's also a group for fun and laughter and connection.

I have learned so much from hosting my in-person events, and I can't wait to bring the structure of my masterminds to these calls, and bring the magic of the Spirit Vibes Circle worldwide.

Join me for this month's calls! I'm delighted to have you in the circle.

All my love,


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What does my membership give me?

Your monthly membership gives you access to 4 Spirit Vibes calls (held each week on Saturday morning Eastern Time, though depending on where the majority of members reside, I am happy to move the time of the call to make sure everyone can attend.)

There will also be a private chat group for members of the Circle.

When is the next call?

The next call will be on Saturday March 30th at 11am EDT (New York Time).

You can check the time zone conversion here.

How long are the calls?

Each call will be around 90 minutes, though I'm happy to go longer if any members have a specific question or challenge they want to dive into deeper at the end of thec all.

Do I need to have taken part of the Unlock God Mode course to participate in the calls?

No, you don't need to have taken the course. The calls will be beneficial to you even if you haven't explored any of my other courses/products.

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Spirit Vibes Circle — Weekly Group Calls to Dive Into Reality Creation and Personal Growth